About Kirkland Interfaith Network

Kirkland Interfaith Network (www.kirklandinterfaith.net) is a group of individuals and faith-based communities who work to serve those in need in and around Kirkland and the world.

Beliefs and Practices

      • Our faith traditions tell us to use the gifts of our time, energy, creativity and money to be a blessing to others.
      • We match untapped resources with unaddressed needs.
      • By serving, our eyes are opened to the need for positive change in the world.
      • Together we can do more than any one of us can do alone.
      • We serve with joy as well as compassion.
      • All faith traditions are to be valued and respected.


KIN is a 501c3, all-volunteer organization.  Every dollar donated to our projects is used for the projects.  The dues of our member congregations support our low overhead expenses.  Our congregations and the community at-large provide the resources we need for the work we do.  KIN does not receive any government funding. 

KIN is governed by the KIN board, made up primarily of representatives of member congregations. The KIN board may, at its discretion, include individual Kirkland residents as members at large, as well as representatives of social service organizations serving a significant number of Kirkland residents.  

The KIN board generally meets once a month and meetings are open to anyone who may be interested. Meetings may be online or in-person. For information about the upcoming meeting schedule, please contact us at info@kirklandinterfaith.net

KIN Organizational Membership

Any faith-based community in Kirkland or whose members live in Kirkland may join KIN.  KIN member congregations agree to: 

      • Send at least one representative to the regular meetings of the KIN board; 
      • Make a small donation to support the work of KIN itself (copying, postage, etc.); 
      • Commit to publicize and support the projects that KIN sponsors, as time and resources in the congregation permit; 
      • Respect the faith traditions of the other KIN member congregations. 

KIN Representatives

The level of commitment (time and energy) for each KIN representative varies with the individual and congregation.  Some things the KIN representative will be asked to do are: 

      • Attend the regular meetings of the KIN board, or find a substitute to do so; 
      • Provide a conduit for information between KIN and the congregation in order to publicize KIN projects and community needs; 
      • Be aware of what’s happening in your own congregation and stay in touch with those involved in projects that may be of interest to KIN and/or supported by other KIN congregations; 
      • Organize volunteers to support KIN projects. 

In addition, KIN representatives may: 

      • Bring new ideas for projects for KIN to consider; 
      • Provide leadership and support for the operation of KIN projects; 
      • Provide leadership for KIN itself. 

For More Information

Please contact us at info@kirklandinterfaith.net. A list of the faith communities that make up KIN may be viewed on the Links page.